Scripps Ranch, You Can See A Physical Therapist Without A Referral!

According to this study, the average new patient physician appointment wait times have increased significantly.

The average wait time for a physician appointment for
the 15 large metro markets surveyed is 24.1 days, up 30% from
2014. Increased wait times mean that it can sometimes take >40 days to
see your Physical Therapist after an injury !!!!


True story :

On September 21, 2019, I needed to refer a patient to
his primary MD. We looked at upcoming appointments and noticed that the closest
available appointment was November 9, 2019!!!!

That is over six weeks…


Did you know that you can see a Physical Therapist
without a referral?

In California, we have something called direct access
that allows ANY person to see a PT without a Primary MD signature for 12 visits
or 45.

Here is a video that I made talking about direct access:

With deductible rates increasing and healthcare getting worse for the consumer, it is time to make a change!

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