Top Reliable Ways That Can Help Decrease Your Back Pain Right Now!

Your lower back is one of the most injured body parts in humans. It is also the second most common cause of disability in the United States. It was estimated that roughly 1/10 people suffer from chronic low back pain lasting for greater than 3 months, and about 80% of Americans will have back pain at some point in their lifetime.

You Do Not Have To Be Someone Who Lifts Weights, Or Performs Manual Labor To Have Back Pain!

As the graphic (above) indicates, there is considerable load placed into the low back with slouching standing positions, HOWEVER, the greatest load placed into the lower back comes from poor posture in SITTING.

The above image is a picture looking at your back without the superficial muscles. Notice how big this muscle is?

The Quadratus Lumborum (QL) is a huge part of why your back can hurt. Let me explain.

In the presence of back pain, the QL can tighten which can give you the sensation of either specific or diffuse pain in your back.

Sound familiar?

What to do about your back pain?

It has been shown numerous times that conservative management consisting of properly controlled exercise and other Physical Therapy interventions are equally as effective, or even more effective than surgery for treating back pain. Some of my favorite tips and trick for back pain are:

1. Try to get up and move every now and then before your back starts hurting.

2. Try to use this exercise on the side of your bed!

3. Ensure that you do not stop moving in the presence of back pain.

4. Really think about what caused your pain… Was it too much sitting? Too much Standing? Too much movement? Now try and do a little bit of the opposite of what caused your pain.

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Benefits of Physical Therapy

  • Potentially avoiding a painful surgery that requires one to miss work or hobbies.
  • No complications from surgery.
  • YOU become educated precisely WHY your back is hurting.
  • Most Importantly, you get your life back.

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