How Do I Start Exercising?

How to Start:

Many have reached out to me asking “how do I start exercising in the new year?”

I have decided to compile a list to get you started:

1. Join a gym that has free introductory sessions that show you how to use some machines.

Free weights (dumbbells or barbells) are typically much better for you than machines due to how they mimic your daily life, but machines are a great way to learn new movements!

2. Find a personal trainer that fits your goals!

Invest in yourself! Find someone to show you the ropes. Even if it is only for a few sessions, your body will thank you for investing in your technique to prevent injury!

3. P90X or other home workout programs.

These programs are great for those who have limited time!

You can get a 30 minute workout without worrying about a commute to and from the gym!

4. Walk during your breaks.

Exercise does not have to be complicated! Everyone has 5 minutes to walk during a lunch break

5. Join group fitness classes in your gym.

Some gyms offer free exercise classes! If you are already paying for a gym membership, this might be a great option.

6. Come to a free class!

Our Gym offers amazing fitness classes for those of you who live in San Diego! Mention Me (Dr. Matthew Perry) and you will receive a FREE small group training class

7. Try to find movement that you love!!!!

Remember, you will not continue with a program that you do not like… Find the one you love!


The information presented in this document is for educational purposes only. Please do not take this information as medical advice. Please consult your Physical Therapist or Primary Care Professional prior to performing ANYTHING IN THIS DOCUMENT.

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