100 Burpees A Day For 50 Days

Top 5 things that I learned from doing 100
burpees a day for 50 straight days.

1. Burpees suck…… especially 5000 of them

They are likely the worst and least fun part of most people’s regime…

  • But just like with your math classes in grade school, you should probably be working hard in the area that you dislike the best.

2.Making time is hard

  • As with most people, I have a lot of things going on (including planning a wedding). I, like everyone reading this HAVE NO TIME! I had to plan my day to the minute to get the burpees in on some days…
  • But guess what? I was able to through good planning!

3. Consistency is everything

  • I had a tough time with this….
  • As with most things in our culture, we are great at going overboard on something for 3-4 days, and then no more until next year… not this time.
  • I made it a point to accomplish this

4. This has made me a much better planner.

  • Have you ever planned to do something on a Saturday, and Sunday comes and you said to yourself “dang! I forgot that I was supposed to do that yesterday…”
  • This happens to me all of the time
  • I had to plan plan, plan, plan for this to be consistent

5. This has rid me of almost every ache in my body.

Throughout my (almost) 30 years, I have been diagnosed with:

  • 2 herniated Lumbar Disc’s
  • 1 separated shoulder

But I have had:

  • 0 pain within 7 days of starting these burpees.

The challenge of started with 2 goals in mind:

01.To teach myself discipline by completing 5,000 burpees.

  • I have done a lot of things involving exercise before but have never been this consistent with exercise.

This has been amazing and I feel great!

2. To show everyone reading this article that exercise is not complicated, bad, or bad for you.

  • My joints didn’t erode
  • My body is not “torn apart”
  • This took me about 8 minutes max to perform.


This journey has taught me so much about myself and the thing that I love so much, the human body. I can now implement some of these things to make my life more efficient.

More importantly….

Hopefully this article will empower you to move more freely, take control of your health and have a good time doing new things with your body.

Thank you for being with me on this journey!

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