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Are You Struggling With Bladder Control Issues Near Lee’s Summit, MO Area?

Are You Suffering From Incontinence & Bladder Issues?

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Katy Rush, PT
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A Message From Katy Rush, Owner & Founder of The Perfect Pelvis

Hello, my name is Dr. Katy Rush, and thank you for visiting The Perfect Pelvis.

Is your out of control bladder so frustrating that you believe your only options are a lifetime of drugs, pads or surgeries? Perhaps your doctor told you that was your only option…

In the next minute, you will learn how energetic, health-conscious women may be busy and sociable without worry of bladder leakage.

At this point, you may believe that this is a problem you will just have to live with…

However, you desperately hope that you would be able to play with your children without wetting your pants. It’s not enjoyable trying to schedule your days around your next bathroom visit in order to minimize accidents.

We can help.

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Melissa McClung

“I have had the pleasure of receiving care from Katy at The Perfect Pelvis for almost 8 months now, and just concluded therapy— achieving progress I had long given up on. I have suffered from debilitating pain for almost a decade. I have undergone surgery, completed two rounds of pelvic floor physical therapy, tried natural healing methods and was patient through two pregnancies (something I was told would reverse my problem by multiple physicians). Nothing fixed my pain. In reviewing my goals that I had when starting therapy with her, I am surprised at how little hope I had at that time, and how much more progress that I made. She truly has been a miracle worker for me. I have been highly recommending her to my friends and family for many months, but I highly recommend her to you too! I know it can be intimidating to consider pelvic floor PT, but Katy is the best and it will help!”

Steven Purvis


“I have moved around a lot in my life and have been to many physiotherapists, chiropracter’s and massage therapists. You can always tell when you’re being treated by someone who is a lifelong learner, someone who is still fascinated by what they do and loves to solve problems because it’s part of the learning process. Where you’re not a number or a push-through, but there’s an enjoyment in the work and professional empathy for your unique set of problems. Katy is that kind of physiotherapist. She listened and observed very carefully and she did not prescribe until she was confident she understood. I implemented her suggestions and all the neck pain I’ve been suffering from for a year dissipated within a week. And back pain I’ve had for decades has also been greatly reduced. Thanks for the great work Katy! Highly recommend!”