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Our mission is to provide the highest quality patient care that fosters patient autonomy, happiness, and wellness as vehicles for improving the quality of their lives to the greatest extent possible.   Auto-Ness Physical Therapy is dedicated to assisting you with your goals. From rehabilitation to health/lifestyle coaching, to athletic performance; Auto-Ness Physical Therapy can help assist YOU in becoming YOUR best. Our goal is to systematically identify your injury and to give you a stairstep approach to healing based on the most current evidence and technology. 

“I had a great experience with Auto-Ness. Their 1 on 1 training and exercise sessions are professional and challenging, tailored to my ability level and goals. Through our sessions I actively felt better and measured greater range of motion in the injured shoulder. If anyone is already active and wants a ‘tune up’; I highly recommend Auto-Ness Physical Therapy.”

Ashton B | San Diego

Conveniently Located In Scripps Ranch, San Diego

Claim A $47 New Patient Appointment!

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